Stronger Communities

A Place to Grow Together

An elected Liberal government will:

  • Raise disability and social assistance benefits
  • Advance Indigenous Reconciliation
  • Ban handguns

Raise disability and social assistance benefits

We’ll bring back the basic income pilot to show the life-changing impacts
of giving people consistent, reliable financial support. And as a first step, we’ll reverse the Ford Conservatives’ cuts and increase Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) and Ontario Works (OW) rates by 10%, followed by another 10% for ODSP recipients in 2023.

Advance Indigenous Reconciliation

We are committed to implementing the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Calls to Action by working with and learning from Indigenous peoples. This includes increasing support for the option to learn First Nations languages and mandating the inclusion of the painful history of Canada’s residential schools across the K-12 curriculum. We’ll invest in Indigenous-led mental health supports, child care, housing and infrastructure projects.

Ban handguns

You need to feel safe in your communities – and handguns kill people in Ontario more than any other type of firearm. We’ll work with the federal government to ban the sale, possession, transport and storage of handguns and get these dangerous guns off our streets through a buyback program, while we advocate for a national ban. We’ll require all police training to contain de-escalation, anti-racism, cultural sensitivity and mental health. We’ll also have more mental health workers ready to respond to emergency calls.