Seniors’ Care

A Place to Grow Older

An elected Liberal government will:

  • Guarantee home care for everyone who needs it
  • End for-profit long-term care
  • Boost seniors’ pensions by $1,000 more per year

Guarantee home care for everyone who needs it

In retirement, you want to live as long as possible in your own home close to friends, neighbours and family. We understand that. We’ll guarantee that if you need health care professionals to come to your home, you’ll get that care. We’ll also increase financial support for caregivers – and we’ll give you more money to pay for things like rails or grab bars to make living at home safer.

End for-profit long-term care

People were rightly horrified and disgusted at living conditions in Ontario’s private long-term care homes during the pandemic – with people forced to endure mistreatment and neglect for “cost savings.” We can’t let this keep happening, so we’ll end for-profit long-term care as quickly as possible while creating or improving 58,000 not-for-profit long-term care spaces. To protect residents in the meantime, we’ll improve conditions, inspect homes more often and go after abusive private care homes.

Boost seniors’ pensions by $1,000 more per year

As an older Ontarian, you’ve contributed so much to our province. But like a lot of Ontarians, higher living costs are making it harder for seniors on a fixed income to make ends meet. We’ll help by increasing the Old Age Security top-up for eligible seniors by $1,000 more per year. We’ll also make sure more seniors qualify for this help by increasing the eligibility threshold to $25,000 for single seniors and $50,000 for couples.