Candidate Nomination Expression of Interest

The Ontario Liberal Party and Bonnie Crombie are committed to forming a strong team of candidates who are leaders in their community and who reflect the diversity of Ontario that makes our province so strong.

How to Run as a Candidate for Nomination:

First, you should familiarize yourself with the following documents:

Let us know if you are interested in your local nomination by completing the form below.

Connect With Our Team To Express Interest in Your Local Nomination:

Volunteer on a Local Campaign:

Strong volunteer teams in riding across the province will be crucial as we work to elect local Liberal candidates and a new Ontario Liberal Government at Queen’s Park. To Get involved in your local riding’s election efforts, sign up as a volunteer today.


Invest in a Local Campaign:

The Liberal Future Fund is a new monthly giving program built to help elect a Liberal MPP in your community and a new Ontario Liberal Government to Queen’s Park. Monthly contributions start at as little as $5 to both the Ontario Liberal Party and your local riding association and are eligible for generous tax credits.