Logos and Branding

By using the assets below, you and your team can create communications materials that will help us present a unified brand.

For further guidelines on how to apply the logos and branding in specific communications materials, please contact Carter Brownlee, Director of Communications, at [email protected].

Brand Standards

This Brand Standards manual covers the basic guidelines for the Ontario Liberal identity, and provides a summary of the primary features and applications of the graphic identity.

Download Manual


Primary Red PNG  Primary Red EPS

Primary White PNG  Primary White EPS

Red Carrier PNG  Red Carrier EPS

White Carrier PNG  White Carrier EPS

Primary with Red Fill PNG  Primary with Red Fill EPS

Blend PNG  Blend EPS


Mosaic EPS  Mosaic PNG


Blend EPS  Blend PNG


The official typefaces of the Ontario Liberal Party are Anton and Spartan. These typefaces should be used exclusively in all branding and communications materials.

Download Anton

Download Spartan