Enough is enough. Let’s end for-profit elder care.

RICHMOND HILL – Steven Del Duca took the fight against for-profit elder care to Richmond Hill, pledging to end the warehousing of our seniors in big-box long-term care facilities.

MORE: Our homecare-first plan

The Ontario Liberal homecare-first plan will end for-profit care and guarantee homecare to 400,000 more seniors, empowering them to live independently – like the vast majority of them want.

“Enough is enough. Ontario must end for-profit elder care. The Ford Conservatives sadly put profiteering corporations before seniors, every step of the way,” continued Del Duca. “Warehousing seniors is one of the greatest mistakes of the 20th century. The pandemic should have been a wake up call for Doug Ford. Instead, the Conservatives doubled down on the same private, for-profit approach to long-term care that left seniors at greater risk and, often living in squalid conditions during the pandemic.”

Guaranteeing homecare will ensure that our seniors, who helped build the Ontario we know today, get the support they need to live independently for as long as possible. That care – whether it’s assistance with showering, preparing a nutritious meal, managing prescriptions, or face-to-face interaction – is basic, but fundamental.

That’s why the Ontario Liberal plan for seniors will:

  • End for-profit long-term care by no longer renewing licenses for for-profit long-term care homes, and by negotiating and financing the transfer of existing homes to not-for-profit entities and municipalities;
  • Ensure an additional 400,000 seniors have access to homecare within the next four years, prioritizing non-profit care;
  • Boost funding for home care by a total of $4.4 billion over the next four years;
  • Boost Old Age Security by $1,000 for seniors that need it;
  • Advance a community care model and build 15,000 more assisted living homes;
  • Expand the Seniors’ Home Safety Tax Credit – and make it permanent;
  • Make the Ontario Caregiver Tax Credit refundable, tax-free, and paid out throughout the year;
  • Enhance access to support programs and tools for those who take care of loved ones.

Unlike the NDP, the fully-costed Ontario Liberal plan includes the necessary funds to keep our promises to seniors.

Ontario Liberals are offering seniors a clear choice: a revolution in elder care led by Steven Del Duca or more profit-motivated private care under Doug Ford.

On June 2, the choice is yours.

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