Stop Doug Ford’s cuts to education

EAST YORK – With just 3 days left in the election, it’s clear that only Ontario Liberals can stop Doug Ford.

The biggest fraud of the last election was that Doug Ford was “for the people.” Everything he does makes it clear he’s not in this for you; he’s in it for the biggest and the richest. Doug Ford doesn’t care about you. He’s just a puppet for his pollsters and rich Conservative donors.

For four long years, Doug Ford has gambled recklessly with our kids’ futures, gutting $1.3 billion from public education, creating chaos in classrooms, and forcing youth to stare at screens instead of going to school.

“Ontario has had enough,” said Steven Del Duca. “Enough of the broken promises, the cuts and the chaos. This election is our chance to send a message to Doug Ford – to put a stop to his carelessness once and for all.”

Ontario Liberals understand what’s at stake for you and your family. Stopping Doug Ford is about more than determining who forms the next government; it’s about scrapping the wasteful and damaging Highway 413, instead investing $10 billion in our schools and protecting vulnerable kids from more cruel Conservative cuts.

On June 2, Ontarians have a clear and stark choice: four more years of the Doug Ford Conservatives and their use of public education as a cost-cutting measure – or the new Ontario Liberal team that puts kids first.

It’s time to choose – and on Thursday, the choice is yours.

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