Steven Del Duca Wins Provincial Leaders’ Debate

TORONTO – At tonight’s Ontario Leaders’ Debate, Steven Del Duca made clear that only Liberals can beat Conservatives and tackle the affordability crisis gripping Ontario families. 

“Tonight I had the chance to speak directly to Ontario voters about the choice this election is all about,” said Del Duca. “Four more years of the Ford Conservatives making their richest donors richer, or a Liberal plan that puts $1,000 a month back in your pocket.”

As we’ve all come to expect, Doug Ford read from a binder of prepared notes and scripted lines. Del Duca on the other hand spoke from the heart tonight – as a dad, as the son of aging parents, and as a competent leader up to the challenges we face. 

Del Duca emphasized the Ontario Libreal Plan, which includes allowing a family of four to easily save $1,000 every month by taking the provincial HST off of prepared food, making all transit fares $1, and providing $10 a day before and after school care.

Steven Del Duca was the top trending Leader on social media throughout the debate, including higher search volume than any other Leader in the debate and X times as many mentions.

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