Statement from Steven Del Duca on National Kids & Vaccines Day

TORONTO – Ontario Liberal Leader, Steven Del Duca issued the following statement:

“Today on National Kids & Vaccines Day, we recognize how much progress has been made, and how much work still needs to be done on getting our kids vaccinated. Vaccine uptake for kids 5-11 is still too low, and we need to continue working to help parents feel confident in their decision to vaccinate their children.

Vaccines are safe and effective. That is a fact. They significantly reduce the risk of acquiring COVID-19 in the first place, and prevent serious illness, hospitalization, and both short- and long-term complications. They can make the difference between isolating at home or being resuscitated in an ICU bed.

Ontario Liberals have consistently called for the COVID vaccine to be required in schools as an addition to the list of nine universal vaccines already required. Many of our top doctors and nurses support that call. We know the best place for our kids to learn is in the classroom, and higher vaccination rates will help our schools remain open safely.

I am the dad of two daughters aged 10 and 14 and both of my kids have been vaccinated, as have my wife and I. If you have questions about having your kids vaccinated, please speak with your health care provider. It’s always okay to ask, and it’s important to get answers from a reliable source like your doctor, whose job it is to help protect your family’s health.

Thank you to all the kids and parents out there helping us get through this.”


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