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Doug Ford is hurting Oakville families and needs to go.

It’s hard to get people to agree on a lot of things these days but one thing that is becoming crystal clear is that the people of Oakville don’t want Doug Ford to be Premier of this province. In just one year he has shown how unsuitable he is for such an important position.

We’ve watched how his government got caught as he secretly betrayed families faced with the challenges of dealing with autism. We’ve watched as he’s made post secondary education unaffordable for young students in Oakville. The business community has turned it’s back on the Ford PC government and we’ve watched as they’ve bungled the economy and budget to the point that our province has seen it’s credit rating downgraded, making life more and more unaffordable for Oakville families as taxes rise. He’s been caught time and time again trying to appoint his unqualified friends and cronies to high paying government positions.

We understand that Oakville and Ontario families voted for a change last year and that’s fair. Clearly its an experiment with dire consequences and we’re seeing it in the public opinion polls.

The Oakville Provincial Liberal Association is standing up. We are fighting for citizens in Oakville and we will be ready to do everything we can to make Doug Ford a one-term premier and rebuild what he is dismantling.

Success depends on you. Will you help us to stand up and be ready?  Become a member and join the fight back to good government.

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