Reckless Fall Economic Statement Threatens Ontario’s Prosperity: Mitzie Hunter

TORONTO, ON – Today, Mitzie Hunter, Finance Critic for the Ontario Liberal Party explained that the PC’s Fall Economic Statement recklessly threatens Ontario’s prosperity and the most vulnerable members of society.

“Doug Ford and the PCs are breaking most of the promises they have made to Ontarians during the election campaign,” said Hunter. “They promised they would find efficiencies, that no one would lose their job. That the basic income pilot wouldn’t be tampered with – they are breaking every promise, one at a time.”

“Today’s announcement includes the scrapping of the Ontario Child Advocate – Ontario’s children deserve a voice. The Child Advocate looks after the most vulnerable children in the province including children in care. Cutting the Child Advocate is a ruthless way to avoid oversight and accountability.”

“While there is a housing affordability crisis in Ontario, the PCs are gutting rent control for new units. Families, seniors and workers will be forced out of rentals when they are no longer able to afford steep rent increases. The protections we put in place will now be gone.”

“The Ford government is also dangerously underestimating job growth in the province and inflating deficit projections. They are sending a dangerous message to investors when they pretend the deficit is billions more than reality. It is equally dangerous to predict anemic job growth despite a strong economy. It may help them try to justify their cuts, but this behaviour will do nothing except drive investment from Ontario.”

“Conservatives are refusing to invest in research, technology and innovation. Make no mistake; this will have far-reaching consequences for Ontario’s economy.”

The Fall Economic Statement damages Ontario’s long-term prosperity by:

  • Removing rent control from new units.
  • Cutting the Child Advocate, Environment Advocate.
  • Dangerously underestimating future job growth in Ontario.
  • Scrapping investments in post-secondary education.
  • Lowering taxes for the most wealthy while cutting a planned increase to minimum wage.

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