Ontario Solicitor General Must Explain Deception

“After more than a week of the Ottawa Occupation, yesterday, Doug Ford’s Solicitor General Sylvia Jones released a statement taking credit for providing over 1,500 officers from the Ontario Provincial Police to assist the Ottawa Police Service with the Occupation. But late last night Ottawa Police Service confirmed they’d only “received 100 Ontario Provincial Police officers”.

“If the province has only provided 100 OPP officers to assist, Sylvia Jones must come clean and explain why she deceived the people of Ottawa and pretended to have their backs. Without an explanation, the only answer is that she must resign immediately.

“A dangerous antivax mob has taken Ottawa hostage. People of Ottawa are victims, they are scared, angry and looking for leadership to end the occupation. Rather than deal with act as a true partner, Doug Ford’s Conservatives are more focused on political spin and deception.”


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