Ontario Policy Platform Development

To: OLP Platform Co-Chairs: Michael Coteau, MPP for Don Valley East; Kate Graham, Candidate, London North Centre

Thank you for agreeing to serve as Co-Chairs of the Ontario Liberal Party’s 2022 Election Platform. We have a great deal of work to do in order to earn the trust and confidence of Ontarians and the creation of a compelling and relatable platform is essential to our success.

As you both know, there is a tremendous amount of both interest and excitement about platform development within our Party’s grassroots. It is clear that many of the nearly 75,000 people who comprise our membership are eager to get involved. We have a responsibility to tap into this reservoir of talent, interest and expertise in a meaningful way. Doing so will no doubt help us create a stronger platform that strikes a chord with those we seek to serve.

Equally, there are thousands of Ontario residents, outside our Party, who share our commitment to building an Ontario that is both prosperous and progressive. This includes far too many who have historically been underrepresented and disadvantaged – women, the disabled, BIPOC and LGBTQ+ communities, and of course, our vulnerable seniors. Our platform development work will be incomplete if we do not provide these individuals with a genuine opportunity to participate. Their inclusion will help to broaden our perspective and strengthen the coalition of support that we are building.

Covid-19 has disrupted everything in our day-to-day lives. Politics, campaigning and governing are not immune from this disruption. The ordeal that the people of Ontario have endured over the past ten months is hard to exaggerate. It also impacts your work because the platform that we ultimately present to the electorate must align with their rightful belief that government has a core responsibility to provide security and build resiliency. At the same time, we have a remarkable opportunity to amplify our empathy and accentuate the hopeful optimism and indomitable spirit that have long helped to define Ontario and its people.

I have previously spoken about the four pillars upon which I believe our roadmap for Ontario should rest. Broadly speaking, these pillars include:

  1. Growing an economy that ensures prosperity and dignity.
  2. Reinvigorating our publicly-funded education system, to guarantee future generations’ economic success and social progress.
  3. Putting patients and their families at the centre of our public health care system; Eliminating gaps in prescription medicine and mental health care; And protecting the safety and the health of our seniors as they age.
  4. Building a real plan to help Ontario families confront climate change and protect our natural environment.

This is a unique moment for Ontarians, and for Ontario Liberals. I have no doubt that we have what it takes to develop solutions for our most pressing challenges and rise to the occasion in order to take advantage of our opportunities. This is our mission and I thank you both for stepping up to take on this vital project.

I look forward to our work!



Steven Del Duca
Ontario Liberal Party


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