Ontario Liberals will expand OHIP access for PrEP and other HIV medications

TORONTO – For four long years, members of the 2SLGBTQ+ community in Ontario have been ignored by Doug Ford’s Conservatives. Today, Liberal leader Steven Del Duca announced that an Ontario Liberal government will expand universal access to pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) medication to prevent HIV transmission, as well as reduce barriers to gender-affirming surgeries.

“The Ontario Liberals have a strong record of proudly supporting and empowering the 2SLGBTQ+ community. For too long, Doug Ford’s Conservatives have chosen to side with bigots like Charles McVety, showing 2SLGBTQ+ Ontarians they don’t have a true ally in the Premier’s office,” said Ontario Liberal leader Del Duca.

Today’s announcement affirms that an Ontario Liberal government will:

  • Provide culturally competent and gender affirming health, mental health and long-term care

  • Fully cover medications that prevent and treat HIV, including PrEP and antiretroviral therapy

  • Reduce wait times and barriers to gender-affirming surgeries

  • Build 2,000 supportive homes for 2SLGBTQ+ youth

  • Ensure 2SLGBTQ+ youth are welcomed and supported in schools

  • Provide $20 million to 2SLGBTQ+ community centres, organizations and Prides

2SLGBTQ+ people have been disproportionately impacted by the pandemic and 2SLGBTQ+ youth – and particularly trans youth – are more likely than their counterparts to experience bullying, harassment and homelessness. The Ontario Liberal plan will help address both new and long-standing disparities in access to services across the spectrum of care.

“In a province as diverse as ours, everyone should be empowered to love and live as their authentic selves,” said Del Duca. “Our plan will expand access to the critical health and social services 2SLGBTQ+ Ontarians rely on including preventative medication, gender affirming surgeries, supportive housing, and mental health supports.”


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