Ontario Liberals will ask the biggest and richest to pay more

TORONTO – Steven Del Duca was in Toronto to highlight the Ontario Liberal plan to make our tax system fairer, asking the wealthiest people and most profitable corporations to pay a little more so families can get ahead.

“The biggest fraud of the last election was the claim that Doug Ford would govern ‘for the people,’” said Del Duca. “Doug Ford talks a good game, but his decisions always  benefit the super rich and his Conservative donors, usually at the expense of mom and pop shops and families struggling with the skyrocketing cost of living.”

“Ontario Liberals will make a different choice. We’ll raise taxes on the billion-dollar corporations and richest elites so we can make life more affordable for workers and their families,” Del Duca added.

Ontarians deserve a Premier, not a corporate puppet serving his Conservative donors and the wealthiest Ontarians. That’s why Ontario Liberals will:

  • Introduce a 1% surtax on corporate profit above $1 billion, while eliminating corporate taxes for small businesses for two years;
  • Introduce a new tax bracket for the 0.2% of Ontarians whose taxable income is over $500,000 per year.

“If you are a nurse, teacher, PSW, renter, student, retired, sick, on minimum wage, or in a long-term-care facility, Doug Ford isn’t for you. He’s against you,” continued Del Duca. “It’s time for a government that will put people over corporate profits and make life more affordable for you. That’s the choice on June 2 – and the choice is yours.”

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