Ontario Liberals Demand Evictions Ban to Protect Renters

TORONTO – Ontario Liberals are calling for a temporary ban on residential evictions to protect renters and their families who have lost income during Doug Ford’s latest lockdown.

“Today is the last day of the month, rent is now due for a lot of Ontarians who weren’t able to work because of Doug Ford’s lockdown,” stated Ontario Liberal leader, Steven Del Duca. “It should have never been this bad, but because Doug Ford’s Conservatives bungled the pandemic response, we now need to protect people’s livelihoods and temporarily ban residential evictions.”

Ontario previously had a ban on evictions during the first and third lockdowns, but families have been left to fend for themselves during the latest. Del Duca says the situation has only gotten worse because of soaring rental costs.

“Rental costs are skyrocketing because of Doug Ford’s callous decision to remove renter protections and Laissez Faire approach to housing affordability, while many families have taken huge losses to their income. If Doug Ford refuses to protect those who have lost their pay check and are struggling with evictions, Ontario Liberals will make sure workers and their families have a real chance to recover when we put an end to his government in June.”



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