Ontario Liberal MPPs condemn Ford corporate COVID-19 legal immunity proposal

QUEEN’S PARK – Three Ontario Liberal MPPs condemned Premier Doug Ford’s scheme to create a new form of legal immunity for lawsuits against major corporations, including long-term care homes, arising from COVID-19.

“This is exactly the wrong way to go, but just like his efforts to end inspections in long-term care and foster care, Premier Ford is yet again showing his go-to approach is to weaken protections for workers and consumers,” said Michael Coteau, MPP for Don Valley East and Ontario Liberal critic for labour.

Lucille Collard, the MPP for Ottawa—Vanier and Ontario Liberal critic for the attorney general added, “We have a justice system to adjudicate negligence and other civil lawsuits for a reason. It is set up to ensure a fair hearing for both the claimants and the corporations being sued. We cannot make an exception for these for-profit homes”

“Even as the Premier was musing about this immunity scheme, I was at committee proposing amendments to Bill 161 to prevent American-style weakening of class-action lawsuits. During a time when we must work together and collaborate to ensure the safety of our most vulnerable Ontarians, we cannot continue in this direction with the weakening of legal protections for workers and consumers” Collard added.

Stephen Blais, the MPP for Orléans and critic for consumer affairs, said, “It is clear the Premier is most concerned about protecting corporate interests rather than allowing the legal system to work out disputes between workers, consumers and corporations. This is the wrong approach for the government to take, and it is alarming that this is their priority.”

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