Ontario Families Foot the Bill for Doug Ford’s Childcare Standoff

TORONTO – Ontario Liberal Leader, Steven Del Duca issued the following statement:

“With news that Nunavut has reached a deal on childcare, Ontario parents have once again been abandoned. Doug Ford’s Conservatives are only negotiating to have Ottawa artificially lower Doug Ford’s deficit, not looking after the pocketbooks of Ontario families.

Ontario Liberals have been calling for a $10/day childcare deal for almost a year. Doug Ford’s cheapskate Conservatives are ignoring the pleas of parents who have shouldered the cost of his political standoff. Even Jason Kenney reached a childcare deal before Doug Ford.

When Ontario parents visit the ballot box in June, the thousands of dollars Doug Ford cost them with his childcare standoff cannot be forgotten. Doug Ford’s Conservatives were busy trying to save themselves a buck instead of helping families afford childcare.”


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