Ontarians Paying the High Price for Housing Thanks to Ford’s Broken Promises

Doug Ford keeps breaking his promises, and Ontarians keep paying the price. 

Thanks to Ford and his Conservatives’ broken promises, Ontarians are facing some double-digit increases to their rent – some even as high as 25 or 30 per cent. And under Doug Ford’s four housing plans, the average Ontario home price has skyrocketed by $605,000, passing $1M for the first time in Ontario’s history. 

In May 2018, Ford was unequivocal. He promised Ontarians: “I won’t take rent control away” and “we’re going to maintain the status quo.”  It took him all of six months to show us once again he stands with big businesses and his buddies, not with average Ontarians. By November of 2018, rent control was stripped from all new units.

Ford also promised to tackle the cost of buying a house saying he would, “Make sure it is easier and more affordable when you go out to buy a home.”

“This is a slap in the face to Ontarians who took Ford at his word” said Liberal MPP Stephen Blais. “To end rent control and allow these increases to continue in the middle of a housing crisis and amid an affordability crisis – when everything from gas to groceries is costing more – is simply heartless.”

“It’s just another promise made, promises broken from Doug Ford,” said Blais. “Ontarians may have lost track of all the promises Ford and his Conservatives have broken, but they sure haven’t lost track of their sky-rocketing rent payments.”

“The people of this great province deserve better than Ford’s folky bait-and-switch, where he pretends to be on the side of the little guy one day only to turn around and give his Conservative cronies top jobs and rent increases the next,” said Blais. “Ontarians simply can’t afford another four years of Ford’s broken promises. It’s time to make sure Doug is done.”


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