NDP Platform Will Cost Families $965

By increasing gas prices at the worst possible moment, the NDP is abandoning the middle class. It’s clearer than ever that only Liberals beat Conservatives.

Today the NDP released the fourth version of their platform in three weeks. The latest changes included a shocking $965 more in costs for the average middle class family. The fact Andrea Horwath was too afraid to answer any media questions herself on the latest changes tells you everything you need to know.

The NDP is either unable or unwilling to protect people from the skyrocketing price of everything under the Ford Conservatives – especially gas prices.

The platform costing is completely silent on improved support for before and after school child care, fails to lower transit fares, and sets aside only $64 per person – barely enough for a single 30-minute appointment – for their so-called “universal mental health plan.”

We are particularly disappointed that the NDP hasn’t even dedicated a nickel towards ending private, profit-motivated long-term care, which promotes the warehousing of our seniors at the expense of compassionate, non-profit care in Ontario. To make matters worse, the NDP are missing in action on providing even a single new senior home care.

Under an Ontario Liberal government, typical families will save $1,000 each month on gas, child care, transit, and to-go meals.

The NDP has no clear path to balancing the province’s books, with an eye-watering $13 billion deficit in their furthest out forecast year.

The choice couldn’t be clearer – and the NDP is not a choice families can afford.

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