Shine a light on back-to-school

Over 2 million children along with educators, administrators, custodians, school bus drivers and others who work in the education sector in Ontario are heading back-to-school. We need to work together to hold this government accountable and ensure a safe re-opening.

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Students, parents and everyone who works on the front lines in education are full of confusion and anxiety because Doug Ford dropped the ball on investing in a safe reopening of schools.

We can do something about it. We can document what is really happening, good and bad. With your help, we can highlight what’s working and what’s not, and where this school re-opening needs more resources and support.

That’s why we launched this site, so that you—students, parents and everyone who works on the front lines in education—can document what you are seeing on the front-lines in your community. So that we can together amplify your voice and keep this issue front and centre.

How is school re-opening going for you? How are you feeling? What are you seeing? What is happening on the ground?

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A plan to help our students

Students and their parents were waiting for far too long to hear what will happen in September. Since the government hadn’t unveiled a plan for the fall, we did.

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