Ford Must Show His Math and Come Clean in Fall Fiscal Update: Mitzie Hunter

TORONTO, ON – On Thursday, the Ford Government will table the Fall Economic Statement in the Ontario Legislature.

“This is a first opportunity for the Premier to show his math and back up his campaign promises,” said Mitzie Hunter, Ontario Liberal Finance Critic and MPP for Scarborough-Guildwood.

“It’s important to remember that unlike all other political parties, the Ford campaign did not release a costed campaign budget during the election campaign. Ontarians deserve answers about what the fiscal plan is for Ontario under the Ford government. He said no one would be laid off and we will be holding him to this promise. If Ford is going to continue cutting services that people rely on, he needs to come clean with Ontarians.”

Just like Ford is asking teachers to take a math test, Ford must answer questions about his government’s plan:

  1. The Ford Government has indicated it will find $6 billion in efficiencies and $5.5 billion in tax cuts. Will Ford commit to maintaining investments in front-line health care and education?
    Yes or No
  2. Ford’s line-by-line review of government expenditures recommended a “commitment to evidence-based decision-making.” Will Ford commit to protect investments in evidence, research and science? Yes or No
  3. Investments in renewing public infrastructure have a high rate of return and yet one of Ford’s first acts was to deeply cut investments in green repairs to schools, campuses and social housing. Will Ford reverse his cuts to renewing our public infrastructure? Yes or No

“This Thursday, the public will get a first look at the full picture of the impact of Ford’s campaign promises; what is clear is that we must not revert back to a fiscal plan of Conservative austerity that eliminates the progress we’ve made in Ontario. Ontario has seen the highest economic growth amongst G7 nations and the lowest jobless rate in 20 years. This success must be maintained,” finished Hunter.

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