Del Duca Pledges Retroactive Child Care Payment to Ensure Parents Not Stuck Paying for Doug Ford’s Delay

OAKVILLE – Ontario Liberals commit to getting a childcare deal with Ottawa and retroactively refunding parents the extra costs resulting from Doug Ford’s delay.

“Ontario is the only province in the country that refuses to strike a deal with the federal government to implement $10 a day child care. Enough is enough,” Del Duca said. “It’s time for Ontario to elect a government that will help families cut childcare costs at a time when they need help the most.”

“Not only will I ensure a deal with Ottawa for child care is done, but I will ensure that when we get a deal, it will include retroactive fee reductions of 50% to January 1st, 2022.” the Ontario Liberal Party Leader said. “We know families are struggling right now. It’s an insult Doug Ford and his Conservative government are stubbornly refusing to sign a child care deal with the federal government when Ontario families need help now, not higher and higher child care costs,” Del Duca said.

Ford’s dithering is costing families an average of $25/day. Already he’s cost families over $1,000 this year alone. Should Ontario Liberals form government in June, the average family would retroactively receive $2,750 per child. This is in addition to our commitment to cut the cost of before and after-school care to $10/day within 100 days of taking office, and get to $10/day licensed child care for all ages by 2024.

Read our full childcare plan here.


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