Del Duca and Ontario Liberals will Boost Pensions by up to $1,000 per year for more Seniors

MARKHAM – Ontario Liberal Leader Steven Del Duca announced the Ontario Liberal Plan to help keep seniors safe at home for life by doubling the Old Age Security top up seniors receive from the province and increasing the number of seniors who will qualify for it.

“The changes I am announcing today will make a real difference in the quality of life for a lot of seniors,” Del Duca said. “Doug Ford and his Conservatives have turned their backs on seniors, from the horrific conditions we witnessed in long-term care, to the healthcare backlogs and rising prices across the province, life isn’t getting easier under Doug Ford.”

“Helping seniors stay safe in their homes will be a top priority of a Liberal government. Like a lot of Ontarians, higher living costs are making it harder for seniors on a fixed income to make ends meet. We will help seniors by doubling the maximum monthly payment through the Guaranteed Annual Income System and ensuring more seniors qualify for this help,” Del Duca added.

The Ontario Liberal changes would add up to $1,000 more per year to the amount received by existing pensioners through Ontario’s Guaranteed Annual Income System (GAINS).

The Ontario Liberal plan would also increase the eligibility threshold to $25,000 for single seniors or $50,000 for couples.

 It is estimated that these enhancements will cost about $250 million annually.

GAINS currently provides up to $83/month ($996 annually) and is available to seniors eligible for Old Age Security with annual incomes of up to $23,904 annually for single seniors, or up to $47,808 for senior couples. Income includes CPP, private pensions and/or bank interest.


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