Liberals in Davenport Nominate Jerry Levitan as 2022 Ontario Liberal Party Candidate

May 26, 2021 – Liberals in Davenport have nominated Jerry Levitan, an accomplished lawyer, writer, actor, filmmaker and musician, as their Ontario Liberal Party (OLP) candidate for the next provincial election.

“Jerry cares deeply about his community, and about providing the best possible future for all Ontarians,” said OLP Leader, Steven Del Duca. “He will be an excellent MPP and I’m very happy to have Jerry on our team as we get ready to take on Doug Ford in the next election.”

Levitan produced the 2008 Academy Award nominated and Emmy winning film, I Met The Walrus, about the day he spent with John Lennon at age 14. And in 2010, he authored the best-selling autobiographical book, also titled I Met The Walrus, published by HarperCollins. As a lawyer, Levitan has practiced in the fields of litigation – including constitutional and administrative law – having been counsel in a number of landmark and precedent setting cases.

Levitan will use his experience, determination and creativity to help deliver a brighter future for Ontario’s children and the families who call our province home.

“Day by day the people of Ontario realize that Doug Ford needs to be a one term Premier. I am so proud to be the Liberal candidate for Davenport to be part of the team to elect a Liberal Government with Steven Del Duca as Premier.”


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