Was Doug Ford Aware of Cash Payments and Abuse of Power Allegations Leveled Against Conservative Parliamentary Assistant?

TORONTO – Ontario Liberals expressed shock and concern over allegations against Ford Conservative Parliamentary Assistant and MPP Natalia Kusendova. Liberals are calling on Doug Ford to come clean about what he knew, when he knew it, and what if anything he did to investigate these serious allegations.

“These are serious allegations that warrant investigation by the province’s Integrity Commissioner and possibly even the police. If the Premier was aware and did not bring these to the Integrity Commissioner’s attention, then that too should be investigated,” said Liberal MPP Mitzie Hunter.

Today’s Toronto Star revealed MPP Kusendova accepted loans and / or gifts from someone who claimed in court filings that the Ford Conservative MPP “leveraged her political power for personal gain” and “consistently abused her position as MPP and requested loans.”

According to the Toronto Star, the allegations were made in Ontario Superior Court filings that have not been proven in court.

The Star reported that Kusendova’s Statement of Defence claimed the plaintiff “got involved with her romantically for the sole purpose of lobbying for the LRT stop … and exploiting her political office to do so.”

“I find it impossible to believe the Premier and his office were not aware of the allegations. Given the serious nature of these matters, Ontarians need to know if the Premier was more interested in investigating them or covering them up. On learning of the allegations did he refer the matter to the independent Integrity Commissioner, and if not why not,” Hunter asked.


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