Virtual Question Period – April 29

The legislature may not be sitting – but Ontario Liberals are hard at work holding the government accountable. Here’s what we would have asked if Question Period was held today.


Question for the Premier of Ontario: There are new reports that retired nurses who volunteered to come back to work were never contacted. The Premier has talked about the shortage of staff at long term care homes for weeks – but all along nurses who wanted to come back and help were ignored.

Can the Premier explain why so many nurses are telling us it took weeks for them to be contacted – if they were contacted at all?

Supplementary: A month ago we pushed the government to enlist Internationally Educated Health Professionals in the fight against COVID-19.

Can the government tell us now how many Internationally Educated Health Professionals have been deployed to fight the pandemic?

Question for the Premier of Ontario: We’re hearing from many small business owners that landlords are not entering into agreements to help them cover their rents. Many small businesses are reporting their landlords are not interested in the federal/provincial rent subsidy program – and they will be evicted on May 1st if no action is taken.

Will the Premier commit to immediately issuing a moratorium on commercial evictions? He has said everything is on the table – will he finally take action?

Supplementary: The Premier says he’ll release guidelines for business later this week. But on Monday Ontarians were promised a plan and received only a vague outline of one. Will the Premier commit to spelling out which business will be affected in the first phase of re-opening?

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