The Circus is Back in Town

TORONTO – May 5, 2021 – Yesterday, it was revealed that the person Doug Ford handpicked to Chair the Board of OLG left his position as the result of a police investigation. Also yesterday, Ontarians learned that the RCMP is investigating the activities of a group of PC supporters, which is led by a major donor that Doug Ford appointed to the board of the LCBO.

If that wasn’t enough, yesterday also saw the Education Minister come under fire for xenophobic social media ads, the Long-Term Care Minister continue to avoid accountability for the deadly second wave of COVID under her watch, and the Provincial government move aggressively to get COVID under control by…launching an ad campaign against the federal government. And Doug Ford was nowhere to be found.

“Doug Ford is missing in action, and it shows in the chaos that has taken over the government of Ontario. The Premier is too busy hiding from the public and cutting sweetheart deals for his wealthy friends to provide any leadership to his flailing government,” said Stephen Blais, Liberal MPP for Orléans. “Whether it’s Rob Ford in Toronto or Donald Trump in Washington, we’ve seen what happens when we end up with so-called leaders that are in over their heads and can’t admit it: chaos, circus acts, and a crippling paralysis.”

“Every day it becomes more obvious that Doug Ford can’t do the job. It’s time for him to go before the multiple crises that Ontario is facing get any worse.”


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