Stricter Vaccination Measures Needed To Stop The Fourth Wave

TORONTO – One month after first calling for mandatory vaccinations and vaccine certificates, Ontario Liberals are now calling for provincially-issued vaccine certificates to be required for admission to higher risk, nonessential venues. In a letter to Premier Ford, Ontario Liberal Leader Steven Del Duca is requesting a meeting on the topic with leaders in healthcare, education and business, municipal leaders, public health officials, and other party leaders.

“The time for half-measures has passed,” said Del Duca. “Ontario families need responsible leadership and decisive action to keep them safe, and that means making vaccination mandatory in some higher risk nonessential settings.”

Ontario Liberals believe the requirement should follow the lead of Quebec’s and British Columbia’s, applying to high-risk settings with small groups of people, and low- to moderate-risk settings with bigger groups of people.

“The only way Ontario’s economy can stay open is by taking action now,” added Del Duca. “This is about protecting our most vulnerable and stopping the fourth wave.”


Read Steven Del Duca’s Letter: CLICK HERE

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