Steven Del Duca Celebrates Canada Day

Happy Canada Day!

We are proud of our country, one of the greatest in the world. A nation of 37 million people from all walks of life, from everywhere around the world, united in diversity and held together by our dedication to the promise of Canada. The promise of a better future.

For 153 years, Canadians of every origin and background have stood together, and worked hand in hand, to build this country into a beacon of success, driven by passion, vision, hard work, freedom, and an unrelenting optimism.

We must commit to fulfilling the promise of Canada for all of those who live here. The work of reconciliation with First Nations, Metis and Inuit peoples in Ontario and across the country remains unfinished. We must ensure that all in our province and country has the same chance to succeed.

While this year’s festivities will certainly be unique and challenging, we will always celebrate this country and its natural beauty, hardworking residents, and bright future.

In 2020, we are particularly grateful for the Canadian spirit that has allowed us to meet the challenge of COVID-19. We owe a debt of gratitude to the frontline workers and healthcare professionals who have been so instrumental to our navigation of the last few months. The loss of life has been devastating, and the economic toll has been severe. The resilience of Canadians, and the dedication of essential workers across our province is a testament to our commitment to each other. We mourn those who we have lost, and we must dedicate our recovery efforts to their memory.

On behalf of myself, my family, and the Ontario Liberal Party, I want to wish everyone a very happy Canada Day!

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