Statement from Steven Del Duca on International Firefighters Day

“Today, we remember the sacrifices of Ontario’s Firefighters.

A lot of people have remarked that it takes courage to run into a burning building when most people would be running out. And it most certainly does. But the way I see it, being a Firefighter is about even more than courage and self-sacrifice — it’s about having a heart for service.

Firefighters are members of a community who have decided to put themselves at the service of their friends and neighbours. Many times, they’re the first on the scene of an emergency, and are often the first person someone in distress will see — which makes them a powerful symbol of how we, in our communities, care for each other and look out for each other. And I know that my own daughters have appreciated the outreach and education that our Firefighters do in our schools.

It’s demanding work. It’s also dangerous. And we’ve lost far too many of these everyday community heroes over the years.

Today we remember those Firefighters who died in the line of duty. We remain forever thankful for the sacrifice of those lost in the line of duty, and for the ongoing service of every Firefighter.”

Steven in the media this week: May 7, 2021

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