Statement from MPP Michael Coteau, Ontario Liberal Critic for Labour, Economic Development, Job Creation & Trade

Today the Conservative government introduced a bill that would take away fairness
and job security for workers in Ontario.

Doug Ford is taking away paid sick days. He is removing equal pay for equal work
(which mandates that employers pay part-time workers at the same rate as full-time
workers). He is cancelling fairer scheduling rules that include pay for shifts cancelled
on short notice. He is scrapping the $15 minimum wage increase. All this, while
appointing his friend and campaign advisor to an almost $200 per hour posting.

Bill 148 was the result of a comprehensive two year independent review, including
public consultations with business & other stakeholders. Without showing us any
evidence, this government hasn’t even taken four months to get rid of these labour

There is absolutely no evidence that Bill 148 has caused job losses. Ontario has,
and will always be open for business and we do not need to accept this narrative that
fairer workplaces means less jobs. In fact, in the last 9 months since the labour
reforms were brought in, we have gained 88,000 jobs.

Gutting Bill 148 will increase the profits of big business but will do nothing to help
everyday Ontarians. We need a Premier who will build a stronger economy that
benefits everyone, not just those at the top.

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