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We would love you to join us for our next event! It doesn't look like we have anything scheduled in Waterloo, but we invite you to check out our full events listing to find something close by.

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Membership in the Ontario Liberal Party is open to all residents of Ontario who are 14 years of age or older. Memberships can be purchased for between two and five years at a time, with fees of $10 per year for adults and $5 per year for youth (25 and under) and seniors (65+). Membership fees must be purchased with your own funds.

Want to purchase a membership in a riding where you do not reside? Need help? Call us at 416-961-3800 or 1 800 268-7250.


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Doug Varley

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Need help with membership or making a donation? Or changing your existing ABC Monthly Giving options? Call us at 416-961-3800 or 1 800 268-7250.

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