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The Ontario Liberal Party has a long and strong historical presence in the Ontario constituency of Scarborough Centre. The first elected Liberal in this constituency was Cindy Nicholas who served from 1987 to 1990. During the same time period the then adjacent riding of Scarborough Ellesmere elected another Liberal –Frank Faubert who later became the Mayor of Scarborough. The riding has a diverse demographic base consisting, amongst many others, of sizable Muslim, Tamil, Philippine and Greek communities. One unifying characteristic of these communities is their socially progressive views and beliefs.

Following the provincial elections in 2003 the Liberals became the governing party and Brad Duguid was elected to represent Scarborough Centre. Brad was very popular and quickly became a key member of the government and our riding association was happy to support him throughout the 15-year period of Liberal government. Unfortunately the tide of public opinion turned and we all have to adjust to the new reality of a regressive Doug Ford PC government.

Much has changed but our riding association is determined to work hard to rebuild and reenergize and regain the trust of the public through meaningful and sensible policies. We are determined to attract new people from varied communities and build a coalition of progressive, socially minded people who will work together regardless of their background to bring back a caring Liberal government. We are also committed to work collaboratively and gain the trust and wide-ranging support of the business community in our riding.

We would be happy to welcome anyone who wants to help. Just contact the President of the riding association whose contact details are shown in this website.

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