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The Kitchener Centre Provincial Liberal Association (KCPLA) is an engaged group of provincial liberals representing the riding of Kitchener Centre. Our members are committed to empowering local voices, building dialogue, and providing effective opposition and constructive alternatives.

We fight for the people of Ontario and promote liberal dialogue and shared concerns in our Region. We advocate for issues close to our community, such as equal access to health care, affordable education that is accessible to all, basic income and an equitable society where every Ontarian has the opportunity to thrive.

The KCPLA hosts and participates in events and discussions around the community with our provincial cousins and federal partners that spread our shared liberal ideals of inclusiveness and respect for others and for our environment.

We are open, as always, to new members and volunteers to support our efforts as we find ways to make positive, constructive, visionary and compassionate things happen in our community and province.

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We would love you to join us for our next event! It doesn't look like we have anything scheduled in Kitchener Centre, but we invite you to check out our full events listing to find something close by.

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Membership in the Ontario Liberal Party is open to all residents of Ontario who are 14 years of age or older. As of July 1, 2020, our party has moved into a new era in our history by inviting all Ontarians to join us as party members, for free.

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