Ontarians are telling us that we have to be ready.

More than any Premier before him, Doug Ford and his Conservatives are turning the people of Ontario against his government. 2022 is only a few years away, and the clock is ticking.

Join the Red Trillium Club (RTC) to help us get ready to fight Doug Ford’s Conservatives. Your donation will help us fight for evidence-based policy that benefits all Ontarians, not only the Premier’s friends.

Red Trillium Club

Red Trillium Club (RTC) donors also have the chance to attend many events throughout the year and connect with individuals who share the common goal of rebuilding our party to win the next election.

There are several benefits for Red Trillium Club members, including:

  • The Red Trillium Club appreciation package;
  • Discounted fundraiser tickets, priced at-cost;
  • Invitations to special speaker events;
  • Access to exclusive RTC receptions at Annual General Meetings.

To become an RTC member, donors must contribute $1,625 annually, either through a one-time donation or in monthly increments of $135.41 per month.

Past events

John Fraser with a microphone

Members of the RTC enjoying a merry evening

Kathleen Wynne with a microphone

Michael Gravelle making a speech