A Place
to Grow

Our Liberal Plan For Ontario

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Our Platform

Ontario can be a place to grow, if we make the right choices.
We need to rebuild what’s always made Ontario strong.
Education. Health care. Public services that support working families.
They’re all key to a better future and economic dignity for our families.

It’s your choice. This is our plan.
We can build a province that works as hard and cares as much as you do.
Join us.

If We Make The Right Choices,
Ontario Will Grow

Remove the HST from more meals
Under-taxing the richest of the rich
Revolutionize senior care through universal home care guarantee
Unsafe nursing homes focused on profit, not care
Clear the surgery backlog for all of us
Conservative cuts to health care and more privatization
Repair and rebuild schools
Waste billions on highways in the Greenbelt
New worker benefits and 10 paid sick days
Cuts to sick days and minimum wage
$1 transit fares and cutting pollution in half
Skyrocketing carbon emissions and rewards for polluters
Fight poverty
Cruel cuts to our most vulnerable
Ban handguns
Handguns on our streets

Our Plan

Cost of Living

In every part of our plan – housing, economic growth, health care, education and climate action – we’ve thought about how to drive down costs and create an Ontario that people can afford to live in. And we also understand that when it comes to the cost of living, people need immediate relief right now.

Our Ontario Liberal plan puts more money in people’s pockets and gives them a break after a hard and expensive four years. It also directly tackles the housing affordability crisis by prioritizing the people living in those homes – not developers or investors. Our Ontario Liberal plan gets more homes built so everyone can find a place to live.

Seniors' Care

We’ll refocus seniors’ care on what matters most, helping to lower costs, increase care and go after those looking to make a fortune off the most vulnerable. We’ll make it easier to stay in your own home by guaranteeing home care. And in the event you need more support, we’re going to build long-term care homes that feel like homes, not warehouses.

Our Ontario Liberal plan treats seniors with the dignity and care they deserve.

Health Care

Ontario’s health care system, and the people behind it, are stretched to their limits – but it doesn’t have to stay that way. We’ll refocus health care to make sure you’re cared for when you need it, no matter where you live.

Our Ontario Liberal plan reverses the Ford Conservatives’ cuts and for-profit agenda, supports patients and our health care workers and reinforces a network of care to handle anything.

Jobs and the Economy

Even simple things, like being able to pay for groceries or take a day off, feel harder. We need to get the fundamentals right when it comes to our economy. Not just create jobs, but make sure those jobs are well-paid and allow for work-life balance. Not just generate wealth, but see that wealth spread to everyone.

Our Ontario Liberal plan creates approximately 400,000 new jobs – bringing economic dignity, much needed relief and a better deal to the businesses, workers and families who call Ontario home.

Education and Training

Our province and our kids deserve the best education in the world, not chaos and disruption. A good education is the best tool we have to help people find success and build a stronger, more prosperous Ontario – and that’s true at any age. We don’t want learning to end after high school, so we’ll make it easier than ever to find, afford and benefit from higher education and training – helping people learn skills that will get them hired into good, well-paying careers.

Our Ontario Liberal plan supports our students and gets everyone ready for a career – be it that first great job or the next big opportunity.


Families are paying the costs of the Ford Conservatives’ approach to climate in higher insurance rates and food prices. Job seekers are left with a low-wage gig economy instead of a high-wage green economy.

Our Ontario Liberal plan gets Ontario back on track by tackling today’s climate emergency, cleaning our air, changing how we move and creating jobs through climate action.

Stronger Communities

The contributions of diverse communities – people of different races, religions, abilities, sexual orientations and gender identities – have built the Ontario we call home. Rural, Northern and Franco-Ontarians and Indigenous peoples bring vibrant, dynamic life to every corner of this province. Each of these communities deserves protection, support and hope that tomorrow will be better.

Our Ontario Liberal plan creates dignity and opportunity for all, is committed to reconciliation with Indigenous peoples, and creates more fairness and safety for all Ontarians regardless of where they live in the province.