Help Us Stop Doug Ford’s Assault on our Charter Rights

By legislatively imposing a new contract on education workers, Doug Ford and Stephen Lecce are creating more chaos and confusion in schools, and increasing uncertainty for parents.

The trampling of Charter rights has become a standard practice in Doug Ford’s Ontario. Last year, the Conservatives used the notwithstanding clause to overturn a court decision that would protect our freedom of expression. Now, Doug Ford is using it again – this time to limit the rights of working people and strong-arm our education workers into settling for less than a living wage.

No one wants disruption in schools – not parents, not students, and most of all not education workers. Doug Ford & Stephen Lecce know this, and want you to think we need to choose between keeping kids in the classroom and supporting the workers who keep our schools a safe and welcoming place.

We don’t. 

Instead of legislating away our constitutional rights, Doug Ford & Stephen Lecce need to pay our education workers the living wage they deserve. And despite what they say, the government has the means to do so. The Conservatives just posted a $2.1 billion surplus and are on track to underfund our education system by a further $6.0 billion.

Add your name to tell Doug Ford & Stephen Lecce he must get to the negotiating table immediately and reach a fair deal.