Cut the HST on Home Heating

In Ontario, we don’t have a choice but to heat our homes in the winter. Ontarians shouldn’t be paying a value added tax on a necessity like home heating.

Ontario Liberals are the first to call on the Ford Government to cut the Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) from home heating in Ontario.

By taking the HST off home heating, families will receive a direct financial benefit every time they pay their bills. This is a simple and sensible measure that will make life more affordable and fairer for Ontarians.

Doug Ford has had countless opportunities to save Ontario families money, but instead, he continues to ask other levels of government to act.

While families are facing an affordability crisis and Doug Ford has tools to provide savings to families this winter, he is choosing to do nothing.

He’s not in it for you, he’s in it for his wealthy friends and donors.

Add your name to tell Doug Ford to cut the HST from home heating in Ontario.