Ontarians Need 10 Paid Sick Days

Throughout the pandemic, workers, employers and healthcare professionals repeatedly called on the Ford Conservatives to expand the provincially-funded paid sick leave program, to ensure workers have access to 10 paid sick days.

Instead, Doug Ford chose to introduce an insufficient program that only offered 3 paid sick days. 

And now, by refusing to renew their own paid sick day program, the Conservatives have left millions of Ontario workers without access to any paid sick days, forcing Ontarians to choose between keeping their workplace healthy or putting food on the table.  

Keeping our economy healthy starts by giving Ontarians the support they need to stay home when they are sick.

Ontario Liberals will continue to stand up for you and your family, each and every day. Sign the petition below to let us know you’re with us in our fight for 10 paid sick days – for everyone.

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