Support vulnerable seniors and front-line care workers

Ontario needs to fix our broken Long-term Care sector

We mourn the tragedy of thousands of residents in Ontario’s Long-Term Care homes unnecessarily put at risk during COVID-19.

And images of unsanitary, disgusting and dangerous facilities uncovered by the Canadian Military leave us outraged and heartbroken.

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed problems in our Long-Term Care homes that have been festering for too long. It should never have come to this. We have, as a province, failed to take care of our most vulnerable seniors and give them a safe and dignified retirement.

But we can fix it, and we need to act now.

That’s why we’re calling on Premier Ford to take immediate steps to improve conditions for patients and their families, personal support workers, and nurses:

  1. Raise the standard of care that is provided, including number of baths given and the quality of food that’s served;
  2. Bring back paid sick leave (Doug Ford eliminated the mandatory paid sick days brought forward by the previous Liberal government);
  3. Create a structure where PSWs and nurses are able to work in full time jobs earning a living wage;
  4. Hire as many PSWs and nurses across the province necessary to make sure seniors get the care they need;
  5. Provide access to personal protective equipment (PPE), regular testing, and mental health supports for PSWs and nurses and their families;
  6. All homes must be inspected in person twice a year, via unannounced visits. Infractions or violations by homes must be met with harsh financial penalties;
  7. Create an aggressive, thorough and publicly available rating system for Ontario’s long-term care homes.

We have a responsibility to our seniors and we will be judged by the way that we treat the most vulnerable among us. It’s time for us to do better. 

Please add your voice calling for change in our long-term care homes and join the conversation online by sharing this petition with your family and friends.

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