Ottawa Wants In

The Nation’s Capital Deserves a New, Fairer Deal from the Ford Government

QUEEN’S PARK – Stephen Blais, MPP for Orléans and Ontario Liberal Critic for Municipal Affairs and Housing, is calling on the Ford government to provide the City of Ottawa with a new, fairer deal, just like what was announced for the City of Toronto.

“Today, the City of Toronto once again benefits because Doug Ford committed to uploading the Don Valley Parkway and Gardiner Expressway, which taxpayers in Ottawa will help fund,” says Blais. “For years, the Ford government has ignored uploading Highway 174 and Highway 17 because Ottawa taxpayers don’t matter to this government.”

“The City of Ottawa has many financial challenges and needs additional funding for transit, infrastructure, housing, and healthcare,” adds Blais. “As the second largest city in Ontario, taxpayers of Ottawa should not be continuously ignored by the Ford Government when it comes to receiving a portion of the money we send to Toronto, especially during these tough economic times.”

“Taxpayers of Ottawa deserve equal representation and financial investments from the Ford Government. The provincial government is not the City of Toronto’s government, but the consistent catering to Toronto at the expense of Ottawa and other cities leads one to believe it is one and the same.”

“Doug Ford must learn that Ottawa is in ONTARIO.”



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