Ontario Liberals Will Fight Systemic Racism in Schools and Policing

TORONTO – An Ontario Liberal government will end public education “streaming” in Grades 9 and 10, hire more diverse and underrepresented police officers, and reverse Doug Ford’s Conservative cuts to anti-racism programs, Ontario Liberal Leader Steven Del Duca announced today.  “Doug Ford’s Conservatives have refused to do all that is needed to fight racism in Ontario. Instead, they cut funding to anti-racism programs, failed to give prosecutors the resources needed to ensure hate-crimes do not go unpunished. Our plan will invest in police forces that look more like the communities they serve,” said Del Duca. We’ll bring in new funding for de-escalation training, mental health supports and fund body cameras.”  Our plan will also end “streaming” in Grades 9 and 10 in public schools as the practice perpetuates anti-Black racism and further segregates students from marginalized backgrounds. And we will refresh Ontario’s 2017 Anti-Black Racism Strategy and provide $5 million to Black historical sites and community centres and $10 million in grants to help support Black entrepreneurs and small businesses. “The number of hate crimes rose during the pandemic – especially toward Asian, Black, Jewish and Muslim Ontarians. Hate and intolerance have no place in Ontario,” Del Duca said. The Ontario Liberal plan will enhance Crown Attorney units dedicated to advising police and prosecuting hate crimes and extend the period for putting forward human rights complaints from one to five years. And we will also make it a punishable offense to engage in intimidation within 50 metres of religious institutions.” The Ontario Liberal Plan to Combat Racism will:

  • Create a new fund to hire and incent more diverse and underrepresented police officers, in addition to existing planned policing hires
  • Ensure regular police training for de-escalation, anti-racism, cultural sensitivity and mental health
  • Require police services to disclose annual statistics regarding the diversity of their officers, leadership and police service boards
  • Reverse Conservative funding cuts to anti-racism programs
  • Enhanced Crown Attorney units dedicated to advising police and prosecuting hate crimes and extend the period for putting forward human rights complaints from one to five years
  • New laws to protect our churches, synagogues, mosques, temples, gurudwaras and other faith institutions from violence and intimidation
  • Immediately pass the Our London Family Act to create new tools and strategies to combat racism
  • Create a Cabinet Minister dedicated to fighting racism


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