Ontario Liberals Will Create Five New Provincial Parks

VAUGHAN – The Ontario Liberal Party today announced its plan to create five (5) new provincial parks and expand Kawartha Highlands Provincial Park.“Provincial parks help ensure Ontario’s natural beauty is protected for the next generation and they hold a special place in the hearts of Ontario families. Ontario Liberals will create five new provincial parks when we form government in June, and we’re inviting you to help us decide where they should be,” said Ontario Liberal Leader Steven Del Duca.Our plan:

  • Invites Ontarians to nominate the location of five new provincial parks;

  • Expands the size of existing provincial parks, including Kawartha Highlands Provincial Park near Bancroft, ON;

  • Designates 30 per cent of land as protected areas by 2030 – up from 10 per cent.

“A year ago, Doug Ford’s Conservatives closed public parks and playgrounds across Ontario while at the same time allowing Big Box stores to stay open. We want to create new green spaces, trails and camping grounds while helping to protect and preserve our environment.”“The Ontario Liberal platform will make Ontario a leader in the fight against the climate crisis once again. We’ll use long-term, science-based approaches to bring more lands under provincial protection, working with stakeholders, farmers, and local and Indigenous communities. We owe it to our kids and grandkids to help reverse the damage Doug Ford’s Conservatives have done to the environment,” concluded Del Duca.Unlike Doug Ford’s Conservatives who want to waste $10 billion paving a new highway through the Greenbelt and across prime farmland that won’t actually help save GTA drivers any time, Ontario Liberals will protect the Greenbelt and create new provincial parks.


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