Ontario Liberals Table Motion for ‘No Early Election’

TORONTO – Ontario Liberals are calling on Ford Government to commit not to call an early election.

Later today, MPP Mitzie Hunter will table a motion in the legislature to force the government to respect the fixed Election Day for 2022.  The motion will be debated on October 5th.

“This past weekend Doug Ford nominated 72 candidates. It’s clear that the Conservatives are planning an early election, just like the NDP in British Columbia,”  said Steven Del Duca, Leader of the Ontario Liberal Party. “Ontarians do not want an election, they want a plan to protect their parents and grandparents from COVID Wave 2.”

“For months, Doug Ford has secretly prepared for an election campaign, when he should have been focused on COVID. Instead of a Wave 2 plan, we’ve seen photo ops and fundraising. If Doug Ford wants to prove that he really doesn’t want an election, he and his government can vote for our motion next Monday.”


Hunter’s Motion (check against delivery):

That in the opinion of the house it would be reckless and unnecessary to call an election prior to the legislated date in 2022 given there is a majority government, active emergency orders, an ongoing pandemic, and an urgent economic and social crisis.

There is an immediate need to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic as many public health experts believe that Ontario is now entering the second wave, including adequate testing & contact tracing, protecting long term care, ensuring a safe school year, and economic & social recovery.

These immediate needs must be addressed now to avoid social ills in the future, including violence, crime, and poverty. The government’s efforts need to go towards the planning for affordable housing, food security, mental health, and a safe return to school, not an election.

And that the House reaffirms its commitment to the existing 2022 legislated election date.


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