Ontario Liberals in Hamilton Centre are Ready to Send a Positive and Progressive Voice to Queen’s Park

HAMILTON, ON – Deirdre Pike, the Ontario Liberal Candidate for Hamilton Centre, has issued the following statement ahead of the first official day of campaigning:

“Ontarians can no longer stand by and watch the Conservatives break promise after promise on the environment, housing, healthcare, education, and income security. From cracking open our Greenbelt to promoting for-profit interests in healthcare, Doug Ford endangered the legacy of current and future generations of Ontarians.

“I will be a positive and effective voice, working hard for you to find solutions on the issues that matter most to Hamiltonians, and in particular, Hamilton Centre. I will work collaboratively, reaching across divides to create the change we want to see in our community.”

This starts with:

  • Making Hamilton more affordable by addressing housing and food insecurity through basic income and social assistance reform.
  • Advocating for workers’ rights by fighting against wage-suppression legislation for nurses, healthcare professionals and public-sector workers in our communities.
  • Fighting Doug Ford’s plan to expand profiteering in our healthcare system.
  • Prioritizing our environment by protecting farmland and Ontario’s Greenbelt.
  • Improving school safety, inclusion, shrinking class sizes, better testing, and infrastructure.

“Ontario Liberals stand united behind one goal: ending the chaos in the Ontario government and restoring inclusive and thoughtful leadership that benefits everyone. I will be a strong voice for real change in Hamilton Centre and across this great province.”


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