Ontario Liberals Call for Vaccine Certificates to Require Boosters

TORONTO – Ontario Liberals are calling on Doug Ford to require booster shots for vaccine certificates. The measure is being proposed as a way to make sure today’s reopening announcement doesn’t result in another lockdown.

“Ontarians have been doing our part to fight COVID-19 and we deserve a plan to beat the fifth wave so we can safely return to doing the things we all love,” stated Ontario Liberal Leader, Steven Del Duca. “That’s why we are calling on Doug Ford to make the booster shot a requirement for vaccine certificates.”

Ontario Liberals are also repeating their calls for more support to struggling small businesses, which continue to face restrictions that have been brutal for the livelihoods of so many entrepreneurs.

“I’m happy that 5.7 million Ontarians have made the responsible decision to receive their booster, but it isn’t enough to ensure a safe long-term reopening,” added Del Duca. “So let’s make third doses a requirement in indoor public settings, support our struggling entrepreneurs, and get as many people vaccinated as possible so we can end the fifth wave and return to doing the things we love.”


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