Ontario Liberals Announce Winter Tire and Studded Tire Tax Credits

TORONTO – If elected to government in 2022, Ontario Liberals will save hard-working families $300 per vehicle on the purchase of winter tires. In addition, Ontario Liberals will offer a $100 a tire refund (or $400 per vehicle) for drivers in Northern Ontario who install studded tires.

The Ontario Liberal Winter Tire Tax Credit will help strengthen road safety and provide real pocketbook relief by refunding $75 per winter tire or $100 per studded tire if Ontarians make the responsible decision to install them on their vehicles.

“Combining road safety with making life more affordable is a win-win for the people of Ontario,” said Ontario Liberal Party Leader Steven Del Duca. “The arrival of winter weather gives us the chance to remind people to make the responsible decision to install winter tires, and the Ontario Liberal Winter Tire Tax Credit will give them the financial assistance needed to help make it happen.”

For years, road safety advocates have strongly urged motorists to install winter tires in order to prevent unnecessary collisions, injury and even the tragic loss of life. The Ontario Liberal Winter Tire Tax Credit will help to protect people and save money by reducing health care and first responder costs, and help to reduce auto insurance rates for consumers. It also factors in the worse driving conditions in much of Northern Ontario by offering a larger refund for using studded tires.

“Ontario Liberals know that in the North, sometimes winter tires just aren’t enough,” stated Del Duca. “This tax credit will save drivers in the North $400 per vehicle if they install studded tires in the winter, making our roads and their commutes safer.”


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