Ontario Liberal Party Rebuilding, Eliminates All 2018 Campaign Debt

TORONTO – On the one year anniversary of his election as Ontario Liberal Party Leader, Steven Del Duca has delivered on a promise to eliminate the Party’s $10 million in 2018 campaign debt. Through the dedication of thousands of supporters, the Ontario Liberal Party is now best positioned to take on Doug Ford and win the next election.

“This achievement is thanks to the tens of thousands of Liberal supporters that chipped in what they could each month to get us ready for the next election,” said Del Duca. “We truly couldn’t have overcome this challenge without their dedication.”

Del Duca celebrates one year as Ontario Liberal Leader on Sunday March 7th. By eliminating membership fees in July 2020, the Ontario Liberal Party has now grown to 75,000 members, doubling in size in just eight-months. Del Duca hopes to continue expanding on that number in the months ahead, with the Ontario Liberal party being the only mainstream party in Ontario to not require an entry fee. 

Ontario Liberals are also proud to announce that as of Saturday, the most diverse slate of candidates will have been nominated in the Ontario Liberal Party’s history. Of the 30 candidates nominated, 60% are women, roughly half are people of colour, and four are under the age of 30.

“Today’s development positions the Ontario Liberal Party as the only Party able to beat Doug Ford’s Conservatives in the next election,” added Del Duca. “The hard work is far from finished though, and we will continue relying on grassroots supporters to help ensure that in the next election, everyone in Ontario hears our message of hard work and economic dignity.”

Del Duca has grassroots supporters to thank for today’s news, but the fight isn’t over. Ontario Liberals will remain focused on preparing for the next election whenever it comes. Unfortunately, Doug Ford continues to put campaigning before governing, and prioritized changing political fundraising rules when he should be focused on the COVID-19 pandemic. Ontario Liberals know Doug Ford could call an election at any time, and they will be ready. 



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