Ontario Has a Leadership Crisis

TORONTO – Following Doug Ford’s comments on vaccines and revelations about negotiations and funding of the illegal occupation of Ottawa, Ontario Liberal Party Leader, Steven Del Duca, released the following statement:

“Ontario has a leadership crisis under Doug Ford, and it shows.

“You put Doug Ford behind a teleprompter and he can say all the right things, but you let him speak his mind, and he delivers dangerous and irresponsible anti-vaxx rhetoric.

“Based on his own actions, it’s clear that Doug Ford couldn’t care less about the hundreds of businesses that are being destroyed in Ottawa, and he continues to refuse to so much as lift a finger to help Ontarians who are under siege in our nation’s capital.

“These past three weeks have made it absolutely clear, the root cause of Doug Ford’s problem is Doug Ford.

“Let’s be honest, does anyone really believe that Doug Ford didn’t know his former Chief of Staff was leading the negotiations between Ottawa occupation organizers and the Mayor?

“Does anyone really believe Doug Ford wasn’t aware that many of his party’s key supporters were bankrolling and supporting the illegal activities in Ottawa and Windsor?

“We may have a state of emergency in the Province, but we have a leadership crisis here at Queen’s Park.

“Unlike Doug Ford’s Conservatives, an Ontario Liberal government will always put the interests of Ontarians first.”



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