Membership Review Consultation Workbook

As a leader in your riding or club, your feedback, and the responses from your members, are extremely valuable to this process. While members have had an initial opportunity to provide feedback through the March edition of the Supporters Survey, it is also crucial that your association or club’s voice as a whole is included as Executive Council reviews the responses to this consultation and considers long-term recommendations for changes related to membership.

Through the consultation document, your local association or club will be able to provide feedback on:

  • Membership Fees
  • Structure of Membership
  • Decision Making, Participation and Value
  • Administration

Each riding and club is unique but we all share the common desire of building the most inclusive party in Canadian politics. The 2020 Membership Review is an important opportunity to strengthen our party and built towards victory in the years ahead. Please submit your feedback below by submitting your completed consultation workbook.

Download Workbook